Jason Bourne


I went to the new Jason Bourne movie after work yesterday, and what a fun ride. I’ve been a big fan of the series and of John Powell’s excellent soundtracks  since they began back in 2002.

[For some reason the third soundtrack, Bourne Ultimatum, isn’t available on Spotify at the moment… but you can check out a number of remixes of Moby’s Extreme Ways, used in end credits for all five movies.]

This film ignores the forgettable Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner and picks up years after the end of the third movie. Julia Stiles returns as Nicky Parsons, who has had a complicated relationship with Jason and pulls him back into action with more secrets from his past.

I wouldn’t say that this movie breaks new ground for the franchise, but if you enjoyed the first three movies you’ll have a blast (literally) watching this one. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

And, when you watch the big car chase at the end, isn’t that how you would have rather the road-full-of-traffic gag in Bruce Almighty played out? I know I did.