Five Years of NoVA UX

This week’s NoVA UX meetup was my last as an organizer for the group, which I founded back in 2012. At the time there simply wasn’t a group for designers in the Northern Virginia area; the only UX meetups were in DC, which can be quite a hike.

Our first event was seven people watching a demo of eye-tracking hardware. Since then, we’ve done 64 monthly events and grown the group to 3,000 members. It’s been a privilege to give back to the VA/MD/DC design community, but it was time hand over the reins and let my fellow organizers take things from here. I’d like to thank my fellow organizers Kit Unger, who has since moved on to Seattle, Will King, Jody Thomas, Jane Robbins, and Alex Hsiao.

To celebrate the group’s birthday we did a little retrospective, looking back at the various topics we’d covered over five years. As promised at the event, here is a collection of presentations from late 2012 to early 2017. Enjoy!

UI testing & behavioral design

Usability testing demystified



Building the Right Product: How to Approach the Discovery Process

Secrets of Site Optimization

UX Memory Design: How to Make Your UX Unforgettable