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Articulating Design Decisions

Articulating Design Decisions

I shared a number of books and articles this year, but looking back the most impactful read was definitely Tom Greever‘s 2015 Articulating Design Decisions.

As designers and creative leaders, we rely on our ability to communicate our ideas, inspire our teams’ creativity, and solicit and respond to feedback. Unfortunately, these skills are not necessarily part of design curriculum, so we must develop them ourselves and coach our teams as to how to present their ideas effectively.

At a recent design summit for my organization, I used elements of Tom’s book for a workshop session, to practice presenting design, giving constructive feedback, receiving feedback, and responding in kind.

Tom’s book outlines specific strategies for developing and practicing these communication skills, which are critical regardless of the size of your specific team or organization. I encourage you to check it out, and share it with other designers on your team.

Have a safe and happy New Year’s celebration!



Building UX Buy-In

Building Buy-In: 
Internally Positioning UX 
for Executive Impact. BigDesign2016 from John Whalen

If you work on or lead a user experience design team in an organization, you’ve probably experienced challenges building executive buy-in for design. As designers, we sometimes forget that we speak our own language, and that’s not always the same language as our company’s leadership.

Check out this deck by John Whalen in which he discusses strategies for better communicating what we do, how it maps to our organization’s business priorities, and how as designers we can provide strategic leadership to our teams.



Fun collection of animations:


Teardown: Pokémon GO first time user experience


Solid analysis by Michael Moore of how Pokémon GO’s user interface design and first-time onboarding experience has helped it’s success and popularity to explode all over the world.


Positioning UX for Executive Impact

We just added John Whalen from Brilliant Experience to the August NoVA UX meetup – John is a regular speaker and panelist at our events, and this presentation was a big hit at a recent UXPA conference.

Building Buy-In: Internally Positioning UX for Executive Impact from John Whalen